Flat Bush Road


Flat Bush Road


Auckland, NZ


July 2022



In quick time - Civix planners, engineers and surveyors obtained non-notified resource consent for a new greenfield residential subdivision to establish 133 terrace houses in the fast growing Flatbush community. New public roads, extensive public infrastructure and the creation of associated drainage reserves were all approved by Council specialists with minimal change. With high housing demand in the area, quick consenting timeframes were critical, and this was achieved through the provision of quality technical reports / drawings by the applicants project team. A good result for the client ( and also for future residents, as the project represents a high quality living environment in accordance with the underlying Flatbush Precinct provisions. We can’t wait to complete the project, with engineering approvals obtained and contracts currently being awarded. Special thanks to Auckland Councils Manukau Team, for clear communication and prompt delivery - a good example of all parties working towards achieving a positive common goal.


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