Green Gorilla Cleanfill


Green Gorilla Cleanfill


Auckland, NZ


November 2022



Green Gorilla Ltd (GRP Ltd) had taken over the site at 1153A Rotowaro Road, Glen Afton in 2021 for use as a cleanfill and construction and demolition ( C&D) waste fill facility, and has since vastly improved the use of the site and its associated effects on the environment. It intends to continue to improve the operations on the site while also expanding the operation to provide for the deposition of cleanfill and C&D, being an increasingly valuable and required service for the constantly expanding construction sector.

GRP Ltd seeks to continue to expand the operational aspects of cleanfill and C&D deposition, which also introduces a waste re-use facility to assist with efficient re-use of materials and to substantially minimise waste going to fill.

Renewal Resource Consent

The current consent for construction and demolition and cleanfill had expired on 14 August 2022, and Civix were engaged to assist to lodge an application to renew this prior to expiry to retain the legal rights to operate as enabled under the RMA. This is currently being processed by the Waikato District Council which has agreed that the operation can continue in the interim, and for a period of 12 months from consent issue while a new application was being prepared for the new required scope of works under a staged approach. for the immediate term of 15 years for a similar area, and for a larger area over several stages for future operations.

Proposed New Resource Consents

While the consent for the renewal of the current activity scope is being assessed and for the subsequent approval period, Civix is preparing new resource consents for the future operations of GRP Ltd under required operational and consenting requirements.

The approach for this is to apply for these future requirements under a staged approach, with the first stage being detailed in terms of specific fill locations and methods for a period of 15 years over a similar area to the current operational area, and for the second and subsequent stages being over a larger area for a longer period to protect the operational rights for the next 40 or so years.

The new consents relate to both District and Regional consents covering a wide range of activity components, and Civix has been working with a team of experts to obtain the necessary information for this in close collaboration with the Waikato District and Regional Councils. This collaborative approach is greatly assisted by the already well established relationship GRP Ltd has with both Councils resulting from significant operational improvements made since the GRP Ltd take over in 2021.

To date, Civix and the application Team including Pattle Delamore Partners Ltd (PDP) has liaised with both Councils with the broad application approach generally accepted (without prejudice).

The application scope for the proposed fill operations is significantly broad covering several activity components, including:

  • Avoidance of leachates to ground.
  • Dust and odour management.
  • Noise and vibration effects.
  • Landscape effects.
  • Earthworks and sediment control.
  • Traffic effects.
  • Water quality and stormwater discharges.

A significant aspect for supporting these consent components is the provision of Management Plans detailing how these various aspects are managed to appropriately avoid effects on the environment, and GRP Ltd together with PDP Ltd has put substantial effort into the provision of these to the satisfaction of the District and Regional Councils.

Also required for the activities on site is the continued consultation and liaison with the local community and iwi, which forms an important component of the application and is significantly assisted by the improvements GRP Ltd has made to the site and the relationships already established with these groups.

Civix planners are proud to be involved in coordination of all these inputs and liaising with the Waikato District and Regional Councils to obtain the necessary resource consents, and are excited to be involved in this process for securing the on-going operational requirements of GRP Ltd providing this valuable service to the construction sector now and in the future.


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