Settlement Road


Settlement Road


Auckland, NZ


July 2022



Civix Planners, Engineers and Surveyors have recently gained resource consent for 9 residential units within the Mixed Housing Urban Zone. The units will be split into two blocks and will range in typologies, with a mix of two and three bedrooms.

Civix engineers were also engaged with Veolia engineers and collaborated with the design team of nearby developments in order to design and coordinate the upgrade of the exiting wastewater network to unlock capacity and enable future development in the area.

The development designed by BDG Architects will include a combination of vertical cladding across the exterior along with brick, using contrasting light and dark shades with natural red bricks and black steel to create external features and add visual interest.

After consultation with many specialists, including successful consultation with Iwi, we are excited to see this development approved and take place.


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