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Civix is a resource management consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. We provide planning services and environmental effects assessments for a wide range of consenting, including those set forth by the Resource Management Act.

Civix focuses on helping our clients achieve their development goals with a customised approach that meets the unique needs of each project. Our team has extensive experience working with local, national, and international organisations.

Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE)

This report looks at the effects of a proposed project on the environment such as built character, noise or increased traffic flows. An AEE can also look at wider potential impacts such as infrastructure constraints for developments.

Our Planner's are Resource Consenting and Policy Planning experts. We understand District and Regional Planning matters, as well as National Environmental Standards, to help you achieve your development goals or your dream home. 

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For private land developments, Civix Town Planners, Chartered Engineers and Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have got you covered from the initial site visit through to council sign off.

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