Complex Surveys

Simplifying Complexity

Many areas of surveying and titling are complex and laden with jargon and acronyms. While this can be daunting at first, Civix's team of expert surveyors can help demystify the process while delivering your desired outcome. We are able to add substantial value throughout a project, identifying potential hurdles and proposing bespoke solutions to minimise risk and avoid hassle as far as practicable.

Removal of Limitations

Numerous parcels of land around the country remain "limited as to parcels", meaning the area and dimensions are not guaranteed as inadequate survey information was available when the title was issued. We can help remove (or "uplift") this limitation from your title and work with your solicitor to enable a guaranteed title to be issued, thereby increasing the value of your land and confirming the boundaries and areas to current standards.

Water Boundaries

Civix's surveyors are adept at analysing and defining various types of water boundaries. The requirements differ for boundaries adjacent to rivers, lakes, and the coastline, with varying degrees of complexity and potential marginal strip requirements. Our team can explain the various implications depending on the nature of the water boundary and help achieve a pragmatic solution to protect your interests as far as practicable.

Unit Title Redevelopments

Changing the arrangement of an existing unit title development can be a complicated process. There are often several different methods to achieve the same outcome, and consent from multiple parties is typically required. Our experience enables a range of options to be provided and assessed, with recommendations made based on your priorities and timeframes.

Staged Plans

Staging can be a great option on larger developments to provide titling flexibility, enabling titles to be issued in batches as different blocks are completed. While this can provide significant financial benefits, it can also be a reasonably challenging logistical exercise. The expert team at Civix can help make the process as painless as possible.

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