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If you're in need of a Flood Report for your home or business, look no further than Civix. We provide Flood Reports for all of New Zealand.

Our team is made up of experts who will come out to your location, assess the flood damage, and produce a detailed report that outlines what repairs need to be made and how much they will cost.

We can tell you exactly what caused the flood and help you decide whether or not it's worth fixing (if it wasn't caused by a natural disaster). All of our reports are easy to read and understand, so there's nothing standing between you and making an informed decision about what needs done at your property.

Protect your building and land

Protect your building and land from the perils of flooding. Use our flood risk assessment to mitigate any damage that may be caused. An engineer from our office will visit your site to evaluate specific aspects of the project. An Auckland Council consultant will help you predict the volume of water that will enter your property during a flood.

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For private land developments, Civix Town Planners, Chartered Engineers and Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have got you covered from the initial site visit through to council sign off.

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