Land Transfer Surveys

Land Transfer Surveys

Land Transfer (LT) surveys are an essential component of any subdivision. They can only be signed and submitted to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor (LCS). Each LT survey includes a Record of Survey, Title Plans, and various supporting documents. They require a significant amount of field work and office work to ensure all the boundaries are adequately marked and all the necessary rights are protected (using easements, covenants, etc) within the new parcels.

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The team at Civix has successfully delivered a wide range of LT surveys for an even wider range of developments. Our experts can assist with everything from unit title subdivisions to cross lease conversions, from two-lot subdivisions to subdivisions creating hundreds of lots across several hectares, and from creating easements to uplifting limitations from titles.

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For private land developments, Civix Town Planners, Chartered Engineers and Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have got you covered from the initial site visit through to council sign off.

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