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Civix is a team of designers, engineers, and support staff who specialise in designing and installing soak pits. Soak pits are used to collect water from stormwater systems and provide it with a place to sit until it can be treated by the city's wastewater treatment facility.

We know exactly what it takes to get the job done right. We'll work with you to identify your needs and find the best way to meet them while also staying within your budget—and we'll be there when you need us after that too!

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Soak pits are the most common method of wastewater treatment for septic tanks. The soak pit is an open hole in the ground that allows water to collect and drain naturally by percolating through the soil. The purpose is to remove solid waste from sewage in order to prevent it from contaminating groundwater or surface water.

Soak pits are typically installed during initial construction or renovation of a home or business, but they can also be added after the fact. If you're looking for soak pit design services in Auckland, NZ, Civix Drainage can help!

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