Survey Certifications

Conditions of Consent

Congratulations on obtaining Resource Consent! This is a great step in the overall development process, noting that Council will typically impose conditions that need to be met in order to obtain the required approvals. These conditions frequently require input from suitably qualified surveyors. Examples include:

  • confirming compliance with height in relation to boundary (HiRB)
  • certifying that private services have been suitably protected by easements
  • confirming that buildings have been sited correctly before construction progresses beyond a certain stage

Signature Required

Civix's Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have spent at least four years studying for their degrees, and several additional years working to obtain their license. You can rest assured that the appropriate checks and balances are in place when certification is provided.

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For private land developments, Civix Town Planners, Chartered Engineers and Licensed Cadastral Surveyors have got you covered from the initial site visit through to council sign off.

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