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Unit Titles

Unit title subdivisions define ownership of different parts of a building and associated areas, combining exclusive and shared ownership. These developments consist of principal units (e.g. apartments), accessory units (e.g. balconies, carparks, gardens), and common property (e.g. driveways, stairwells.

UT developments require a Body Corporate to manage them, and are becoming increasingly common as density increases in major centres around New Zealand. Civix has successfully delivered numerous unit title subdivisions ranging from a few units to more than a hundred units in both standard and staged configurations.

Pros and Cons

Unit titles are particularly beneficial when a development involves changes in ownership at different vertical levels. Unfortunately, they have suffered from a degree of bad publicity in the past and a significant portion of this may be somewhat unwarranted. Many of the issues in the 1990s and 2000s stemmed from inadequacies in previous Building Codes, and the general frustrations typically relate more to common ownership than they do unit titles themselves.

The legislation that underpins unit titles helps protect the owners, providing a robust framework that clarifies how these developments need to be managed. While paying Body Corporate levies can be dissuading at first, these fees often cover many things that you'd be paying for anyway if you live in an average detached house and hold a fee simple title (albeit without the hassle of having to organise it all yourself). Similar costs can almost certainly be expected under a standard fee simple arrangement for a modern terraced development.

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